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The Eclectic Light Show

The Eclectic Light Show does 'exactly what it says on the tin'; highlights music from across many genres and many decades. The emphasis is definitely on quality, originality and variety. Day by day, each Eclectic Light Show has a different focus. 

Monday: Andy Barrett has the emphasis definitely on the 'eclectic', rocky end of music rather than the 'light'.

Tuesday: Join Abi Morris local resident DJ for an audio experience, bringing you the best in music from across the board and an equally eclectic style of news and info. Plus interesting guests.  You'll want to stay tuned!

Wednesday: 'Marlow Past, Present & Future' presented by Michael Eagleton usually includes interviews with invited guests to talk about specific things relevant to the town; either it's history, present day issues or future plans. Listeners are encouraged to take part by phone, email or text to join in on the discussions. As always, you'll hear an eclectic mix of music not to be found anywhere else on the airwaves in this lunchtime slot plus Michael's Special Focus on a particular artist each week in the final half hour. He shares this slot alternate weeks with Paul Mansell, who has many of the same musical tastes in common with Michael but does play a fair few new tracks from many Indie artists. He also features tracks from his own personal 'Album of The Week' and selects one of  '1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die' each show.

Thursday: Mike Cannon brings you his personal playlist of great tunes and interesting 'tit-bit's' of information and local news.

Friday: Mike Sharpe has thought provoking music and many of those weird and wonderful stories from the past 7 days that somehow didn't make the headlines. It's also 'Feel Good Friday' so you'll hear loads of upbeat banter and vibrant music that will definitely get you into gear for the weekend.





  • Mike Cannon
  • michael eagleton
  • Paul Mansell
  • Abi Morris
  • Michael (Mike) Sharp


Michael Eagleton

Michael is delighted to welcome (in the second hour) a very special guest - the Town Clerk, Hilary Martin.

Fri, 18 Jan 10:14