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Mid Morning Matters

Mid Morning Matters

Mid Morning Matters is a programme hosted by a wide variety of dynamic presenters.

There are lively discussions on current and relevant issues, all in a relaxed, unhurried and unbiased way.

Programmes are themed and you can join in the discussion at any time by calling or emailing the studio.

Interviews are interspersed with great music so make yourself a coffee, put your feet up and take some time out!

  • Monday : Food and Dining
  • Tuesday : Health and Fitness
  • Wednesday : Interesting people with Interesting Lives!
  • Thursday : Lifestyle
  • Friday : Books and Family Matters, and the Outdoor Life.


  • tina ashburner
  • Christina Bachini
  • June Bailey
  • Clare Bones
  • Rhiannon Bowen Evans
  • Carla Delaney
  • Jay Dodson
  • Vicky Everitt
  • Dermot Fitzpatrick
  • Mary Flavelle
  • christine hayes
  • Jill Hickey
  • Pauline Howe-Davies
  • Serena Spencer-Jones
  • donna thacker
  • Sheila Wilson
  • vanessa woolley
  • Chris Zaremba


Chris Zaremba

We look at another chapter in the A-Z of Nutrition this week, and this time we are looking at foods and supplements beginning with F to J. One letter per half hour, with music with the same letter - so we'll have more on Folic Acid and music by Freddie Mercury in the first half hour, for example. If this sounds interesting, then join me 09:30-12:00 on Mid Morning Matters on Tuesday 14 March!

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