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Pirate FM

The Pirate FM DJ's aim to supply the people with the music that officially-sanctioned radio doesn't play or doesn't play enough of, and to present it in an authentic manner. Their mantra is a simple one: 'the music comes first'. If you're into classic album tracks, progressive rock and blues, sublime singer/songwriters and love discovering 'new' music, then you've found your musical 'home from home'.

Join David G Croft and 'The Two P's in a Pod' Paul Mansell and Paul Minkkinen for two hours of extraordinary music you won't find played in 120 minutes on any other radio station.

'...playing stacks of rare or overlooked album tracks carefully chosen from my own unique album collection'. David G Croft

'Offering a veritable feast of music. If after a good meal one is supposed to leave the table sated, but not quite stuffed, we hope to achieve something similar for listeners'. Paul Mansell & Paul Minkkinen

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