Complaints Procedure

The process consists of 3 straightforward steps.

+ 1. The Initial Contact

Marlow FM is not required to keep logs of its FM output for more than 42 days so, allowing for weekends and other public holidays, we require you to submit your complaint within 30 days of the transmission. Day 1 is the day of the transmission. We will aim to respond as soon as possible, but definitely within 10 working days. You will receive a reply from the presenter of the programme you are complaining about.

+ 2. I want to take it further

Please contact the person who responded to you and explain why you need further clarification or information and ask for a further response. You should contact the programme maker with 10 days of the reply letter and we will aim to respond within 10 days after that.

+ 3. I'm still not happy!

Please contact the Managing Director and explain the situation. The MD will investigate and provide a final company reply in consultation with you. This is the final stage and therefore this decision is final.

+ What about the Regulator?

If you think there has been a breach of the Broadcasting Code as defined by OfCom then you may complain directly to them. Their contact details are at