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Maggie-Mae's Mothers Day Family Activity Day

  • Longridge Activity Centre Quarry Wood Rd England, SL7 1RE United Kingdom (map)

This Mothers-Day (Sunday 31st March) why not come down to Longridge and try something different while supporting a wonderful charity. Maggie-Mae’s Brighter Future Charity are holding a family activity day where you can try Paddle Boarding, Laser Tag, Water Orbs and the Giant Swing plus much more.

It’s only £3 per activity. Book here in advance to reserve your place on each activity. Hurry as places are limited and going fast. -

Below is a short jingle telling you about this wonderful charity day. Thank you for your support.

Maggie-Mae’s Lighthouse
a shining light in the darkness


This page is dedicated to the legacy of Maggie-Mae Morgan, born 13th September 2016 with leukaemia and taken too soon by that same disease on 9th March 2018 just before reaching 18 months old.

Maggie-Mae used her short time in this world to challenge everything we thought we knew about ourselves. She taught us how high we could reach, just how much we had to give and the unfaltering strength we could find in love and hope. From the moment she was born, she had to fight for the most basic of rights. She had to fight to take her first breath; she had to fight for her heart to continue to beat and despite all this, how do we remember her? We remember her for an infectious smile, unwavering happiness and endless love of life.

Maggie-Mae leaves behind a legacy and that legacy is the promise that we are asking followers of Maggie-Mae’s Lighthouse to make: in Maggie-Mae’s name we will each do what we can to make the world a brighter, happier place. Making my, Maggie’s Mummy, wish come true to ensure Maggie-Mae's brave fight and the suffering we have all endured will not be in vain.

Maggie-Mae’s Lessons for the World

One warm September evening, not so long ago, a baby was born with love to give and lessons to share. She knew that time was short and that she would have to cling to life with all of the might she could muster to stay long enough to teach us but a fraction of what we needed to know. With this, she also knew that she could trust us to listen and to cling on, as tightly as she was, to all she had to show us. She knew she had arrived to people who would go to the ends of the earth to hear her and absorb all she had to offer.


She chose her arrival wisely. The timing had to be right. People had to be ready. Medicine needed to be ready. She knew she couldn’t do this alone and that neither could we. She chose to come to those who could hold on as tightly to each other as she would to us. We needed to mirror her strength. To have feet rooted firmly in the ground, entwined around each other, ready to weather the storm as one. A storm she knew would last longer for some than others.

She knew that for us to hold on to love we would first need to let go of all fear. It was only by holding our hands through the deepest darkness that she could show us there was nothing more to be afraid of. She would let us see that, with the tiniest spark of hope, she would become the beacon of light to disperse all shadows. That lightness and darkness cannot coexist. Just as fear cannot survive wherever there is love.

She would show us that the only moment that was truly real was now. That there was nothing to be found in yesterday or tomorrow that mattered as much as this exact moment in time. Fear and darkness did not live in this moment, only love and the shining light of hope. She would show us that this moment was full of possibilities without being weighted down by the illusions of the past or of the future.

She showed all who knew of her what we each were capable of giving. She unlocked capabilities and gifts that would otherwise lay secret and unseen forever. She knew that the further she would drift into those deep unchartered waters, the further we would swim out to be with her. The more we would give to reach her.

She knew when she heard that faint call to return home drift in on the chilled March air, that the lessons she had left us would guide our way when she could no longer be there. She let her tight grip loosen, it was time to let us go. She knew we would learn to understand, in days and years to come, that the love she left behind was forever; that even death could not snub out this eternal burning glow.