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GB's men and women set for Olympic Sevens after England win qualifying events

Congratulations to Heather Fisher and Team England for qualifying for the the Tokyo 2020 Olympics yesterday.

They beat Russia to qualify and Heather scored the opening try in the game.

Heather was a former presenter on Marlow and today at 5pm on the Drive Time show she will be a guest with Ceri.

Also qualifying for the men’s team is Cookham’s very own Ben Harris who used to play for Maidenhead RFC.

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JOIN Anna Hughes, cyclist, author and environmentalist, talking about her Flight Free 2020 campaign

Dave Hampton’s special guest on the Eco Show on Monday (7-9pm) is Anna Hughes, who rode 4,000 miles around the coast of the UK on her tod, and then wrote the books *Eat, Sleep, Cycle* and *Pedal Power*

She is the force of nature behind the #FlightFree2020 campaign to get 100,000 UK people to pledge not to fly next year in response to the climate emergency.

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JOIN Seema Flower - Blind Entrepreneur who won the London 2018 Venus Award for "Inspirational Woman of the Year"

Tune in on Friday to Mid-Morning Matters at 11am, to hear Seema Flower, the Blind Entrepreneur, who won the London 2018 Venus Award for "Inspirational Woman of the Year"

Living with the knowledge that you'll eventually go blind is a hefty weight to bear. And Seema Flower has borne it better than most. At the tender age of 10, Seema discovered that she suffered from a progressive eye condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa. Since her diagnosis, her eyesight has gradually deteriorated to the point where she now has just 4% vision.

But the 46-year-old hasn’t let her visual impairment stop her from succeeding in life, in fact, quite the opposite.

Seema is now the owner of award-winning salon ColourNation and ambassador for the charity RP Fighting Blindness.

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JOIN: Sam talks with Lopa Patel (MBE) about the lack of diversity in the UK.

Today's guest on Sam Talks Technology is Lopa Patel (MBE). She is a digital entrepreneur and the founder of (a recipe-sharing site that developed into a South Asian lifestyle portal) and the online shopping site

She is also the founder and CEO of Diversity UK, a think tank that studies and promotes diversity in Britain. In 2009 she was appointed to the board of Becta (British Educational Communications and Technology Agency). In 2014 she set up the online news and lifestyle publisher New Asian Post.

Patel was one of eight media experts appointed to a panel to advise on a review of the BBC charter in 2015.


Patel won an Asian Woman of the Year Award in 2005 for her work as a new media entrepreneur, an achievement showcased in a Department of Work and Pensions report to Parliament on equality of opportunity.

In 2009 she was awarded an MBE for "services to the creative industries". In 2015 she became the first Asian woman to receive the Queen's Award for Enterprise Promotion. She was also a finalist for Businesswoman of the Year in the English Asian Business Awards.

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The Mission Trip to Burundi

BIG show tomorrow night with Faith Pat & Matt(ers). We will be playing a recent talk given in Marlow by J.John, international evangelist, author, fantastic speaker and then a team who are heading on a Mission trip to Burundi, the poorest country in the world will be joining us to talk about their work, the fundraising and play some great music.

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The RoundUp with Prof Greg Whyte

A special episode of The Roundup tonight at 9pm as Prof Greg Whyte is in the studio to talk about comic relief, mount kilimanjaro and plenty of sports.

Dave Hampton will also be jumping across from the Watt Next? Eco Show to join us in a fun, quiz filled Roundup show

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Listen Again to Mike Cannon interview record producer Stuart Epps

Mike Cannon was joined by record producer Stuart Epps. Since 1967, he has worked with Elton JohnLed ZeppelinOasisTwisted SisterNine LiesBill WymanKiki DeeGeorge HarrisonRobbie WilliamsMark OwenPaul WellerCliff RichardBad CompanyBarry White and Chris Rea.

Click read more to listen again to the podcast about some of Stuart’s amazing stories from his famous clients and friends. What's not to like!

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Listen to Katy Kartwheel Founder of Extinction Rebellion Marlow

Join Dave Hampton on the Eco Show tonight (Monday 4th March) from 7pm-9pm to hear special guest - founder of Extinction Rebellion Marlow - Katy Coleman aka Katy Kartwheel - of Circus Passion- talking about the climate emergency, and what to expect at Marlow's first ever Extinction Rebellion meeting on Wednesday March 13th 7:30pm at Liston Hall - with great music and much more.

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