The Generation Gap

Every Wednesday from 9pm to 11pm.

Underpinning this ever-evolving show is the combination of a love of radio and a passion for all types of popular music, resulting in a liberal attempt to fill the musical gap between countless generations.

The two-hour feast of ‘crucial tunes and occasional banter’ jumps back and forth through 50 years of musical influences, and covers everything from grunge to garage, reggae to rock, and dub-step to afro-beats.

Guests to the show are cajoled into not only trying their hand at the ‘Like Father, Like Son/Daughter’ generation sound-clash, but dipping their musical toes into re-occurring themes such as ‘Claim to Fame’, ‘Room 975’, and the cult local radio phenomenon that is ‘Parsonage Gardens’.

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Upcoming programmes

Regular presenters

  • David 'Baz' Barry (a photo's on its way)

  • Jim Biggs (a photo's on its way)

  • Keith Wishart