Radio advertising is an extremely powerful medium, and many businesses realise the value of advertising with Marlow FM.

Our broadcast area has around 300,000 people within it, with a high proportion of ABC1 listeners.

+ Advertising

Prices start from £6 per spot, up to 30 seconds long.

Just £55 for Marlow FM to produce your commercial or message for broadcast!

For an additional £25 we will provide you with an mp3 of your advert to use on other radio stations

Slots can be used for advertising or messages of support.

+ Sponsorship

This will allow a “This is [item] brought to you in association with [name]. Call 01234 567 890 for details” type message but cannot advertise specific products.

Marlow FM has an extensive schedule of programmes with which you can be associated.

Your name/brand or service associated with your chosen show twice every hour.

Primetime show sponsorship i.e the Breakfast, Lunch or Drivetime £35.00 per show.

All other ‘themed’ and ‘specialist’ shows, £25.00 per show.

The minimum you can sponsor is 4 shows, ie: 1 show per week x 4 weeks.

+ Competitions

Marlow FM are happy to discuss running a Competition on your behalf where appropriate.

Your name/brand or service associated with a competition run jointly between Marlow FM and your company, advertised regularly during our programming and also promoted on Newsletters and Social Media.

Typically receives a discount of up to 50% on our standard advertising rates providing the donated prize is equal to or greater than the difference.


Recent examples of adverts on Marlow FM.

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements