Latest COVID-19 vaccination news

Last week, many over 80s in Marlow were deeply troubled that their friends in surrounding areas had been vaccinated, but they themselves hadn’t heard anything.

Marlow FM has sliced through the red tape, and can bring you the latest COVID-19 vaccination news from Marlow Medical Group and the pharmacy-led Globe Park vaccination site.

Mike Cannon has interviewed Dr Penny Macdonald from Marlow Medical Group, and Carla Delaney has interviewed Olivier Picard, the pharmacist leading the Globe Park roll-out. These two interviews alone will put many minds at rest. You can hear both on this week’s Consumer Show, which was broadcast on Tuesday the 19th, and is now available on ‘listen again’. You can also watch Carla’s interview here.

You can expect to hear more from Carla, Mike, and the rest of the team on their programmes in the coming days and weeks.

The current situation with COVID-19 vaccinations

You may get a letter from the NHS, inviting you to book an appointment at one of their vaccination sites, like Globe Park, through their National Booking Service. You may also be contacted by your GP practice, like Marlow Medical Group, or your pharmacy. You can choose where you want to go for your vaccination.

If you book an appointment, but then decide to book another one because it’s more convenient, it’s important to cancel the first appointment - this makes sure there are no ‘no-shows’ and all the vaccine delivered can be used.

Marlow Medical Group

Marlow Medical Group announced on Monday that they had vaccinated ALL priority care home residents and many care home staff. They anticipated receiving another delivery of vaccine for their network of practices, and had begun contacting the over 80s priority group by text or phone to offer appointments at Adams Park, High Wycombe. Housebound patients were also being directly contacted.

Marlow Medical Group urges relatives or friends of elderly people who don’t use mobile phones or computers to help them.

NHS vaccination sites

This week also saw the launch of Marlow COVID-19 Vaccination Service – Pharmacy, one of many NHS vaccination sites in the area. Vaccinations will start at 8am on Saturday 23 January at Lunar House, Fieldhouse Lane, Globe Park, Marlow, SL7 1LW. Appointments are managed by the NHS’s National Booking Service. Patients in priority groups will be contacted first.

Things to know about the NHS vaccination sites, like Globe Park

  • If you’re contacted, you’ll be able to choose which particular NHS site you want to go to.
  • Don’t contact the sites directly.
  • There are NO walk-in appointments.
  • Be on time, but don’t arrive early, to avoid traffic building up.
  • Keep contact with others to a minimum.

What to expect

Vaccinators are trained professionals - doctors, pharmacists, nurses, or other healthcare professionals. They have to have had vaccine specific training and have to follow strict protocols to be in a position to deliver the vaccine safely. Safety is paramount.

When you book your first appointment, you’ll automatically be booked for your follow-up appointment 12 weeks later. It’s essential to attend both appointments to maximise your immunity.

After the vaccination

Once you’ve had your vaccination, you must continue to follow government guidance on social distancing and mask wearing, as well as any other measures in place where you live.

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