Good Morning Marlow

Every weekday from 10am to noon.

Our daily morning talk show, with a different topic each day, and loads of interesting guests from Marlow and further afield.

Mondays Food and drink
Tuesdays Health and fitness
Wednesdays Interesting people
Thursdays Lifestyle
Fridays 1st of the month - ‘Fabulous Friday’
2nd of the month - Arts and books
3rd of the month - Parenting
4th of the month - ‘Anything Goes’
5th of the month - Mindfulness

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Upcoming programmes

Regular presenters

  • Amanda Street (a photo's on its way)

  • Angie Burns

  • Carla Delaney (a photo's on its way)

  • Chris Zaremba

  • Donna Thacker

  • Emma-Jane Taylor

  • Geoff Motley

  • Jill Hickey

  • John Rumble

  • Julie Greatwood

  • Malcolm Parr (a photo's on its way)

  • Mary Flavelle

  • Pat Capp

  • Pauline Howe-Davies

  • Rhiannon Bowen Evans

  • Rhidian Jones (a photo's on its way)

  • Serena Spencer-Jones

  • Sheila Wilson

  • Sian Herschel (a photo's on its way)

  • Stacia Keogh