The Business Show

Every Thursday from 2pm to 3pm.

The Business Show - does what it says on the tin! Business discussions everyone can enjoy.

Mark Harris and Sheila Docker host on alternate weeks, joined by expert guests for business discussions based on business news stories they’ve found online.

Opinions will fly, but in the most good-natured way. It’s a bit like the 10.30pm slot on the main TV news channels, but focussed on business news and ideas. And it’s on the radio. And with more humour and entertainment. And with music. And sometimes with a Marlow focus. But apart from all of that, the same.

Of course, Mark or Sheila will chip in with their own views too - after all, they’re both just a teeny weeny bit opinionated.

Do you love listening to the show? Have a business question you’d like answered, or a news item you want us to discuss? Get in touch and let us know!

If you want to read the business news stories that Mark, Sheila, and their guests are discussing, join the Facebook group for the show (the link’s below). You can also join in the conversation there, and tell them all the reasons they got it wrong!

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